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Why has Prescription Medications become unaffordable to me?

Does cost of medication cheaper with insurance? 

The answer is often NO because you are not getting that medication for the wholesale price.  Instead, you are getting it at a negotiated price that is designed to benefit the negotiater and not the patient.

Did you know that when you go through your insurance for prescription medication, there was a gag order on the pharmacist that they are not allowed to tell you the cost without insurance?

Did you know that "according to research published in JAMA in March (of 2018), people with Medicare Part D drug insurance overpaid for prescriptions by $135 million in 2013.

Copayments in those plans were higher than the cash price for nearly 1 in 4 drugs purchased in 2013. For 12 of the 20 most commonly prescribed drugs, patients overpaid by more than 33 percent" as stated in
Kaiser Health Network publication.

Such publications increased public awareness and thereby propelling our federal government to pass a law in Oct 2018 banning this "gag order" on pharmacist.

This is one small step towards what our patients need for price transparency and affordable prescription medications.

Why We have an In-House Dispensary with Wholesale Prescription Medications

Doctor and Patient

As physicians, we can do our part to care for our patients "outside the system" as much as possible.

This is why we decided to have our own In-House Dispensary in our clinic so that we can get wholesale prescription medications for our patients.

If there is a medication you need, we will work with our wholesale pharmacy to get that medication at cost to you.

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