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Is Our DPC Pricing worth the Investment in your HEALTH?

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In-House Dispensary

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Direct, unhindered access to your physician!


Same or next day sick visits including weekends.

Discounted Imaging



Simple Procedures

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Holistic Medicine

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Extended Appointments

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Medical Decisions based on what is best for YOU and not what insurance deems worthy of coverage.


24/7 Availability

Discounted Labs

Don't forget... we will have monthly informational lectures and wellness emails.

You will know your fees for discounted labs, imaging and medications BEFORE providing the service!

In addition to all of the above, our DPC Pricing includes 
AGE Specific Detailed Holistic Physicals!

Adult DPC Pricing

$100/month or
$1,200/yr one time payment

 In depth annual physical that will include

ALL of the following:

Detailed physical and neurological exam


Incentive Spirometry

Pulse Oximetry

Body Composition Analysis

Nutritional health analysis

Gut Biome and identifying inflammatory markers

Develop an individualized physical activity plan

Each person will receive a “New Patient Guide Book” to optimize health and reduce inflammation

Yes, membership is an

Pediatric DPC Pricing
(For 0-30 months old)

$75/month or
$900/yr one time payment


 In depth pediatric physicals at each visit:

First year of life - 7 individual physicals

(3-5days, 2 weeks, 1mo, 2mo, 4mo, 6mo, 9mo)

Second year of life - 5 individual physicals 

(12mo, 15mo, 18mo, 24mo, 30mo)

Denver developmental Screening

(Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social and Language)

Hearing and Vision Screens as indicated

Review Newborn Blood Screening

Physical Growth & Nutrition Analysis at each visit

Vaccination Review

Anemia and lead screening as indicated

Investment in your HEALTH!

Pediatric DPC Pricing
(For 3-17 years old)

$75/month or
/yr one time payment

In depth annual pediatric physicals that will include ALL of the following:

Detailed physical and neurological exam

Vaccination Review

Incentive Spirometry and EKG as clinically indicated

Body Composition Analysis

Developmental Screening (Gross and Fine Motor and Language)

Autism Screening as clinically indicated

Healthy Habits of Mental Health 

ADHD Evaluation as clinically indicated

 Social Development

        Relationships and  Community Engagement

        Foster Love of Learning

        Empowerment - Importance of varied experiences

Nutrition and Physical Activity Health

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