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What is so unique about our Services?

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Western Medicine

Dr. Greg Wheeler has first hand witnessed the benefits and shortcomings of our western medical system as both a patient and a physician.  As a child, he was the beneficiary of life-saving western medical treatment. As an ED physician, Dr. Wheeler has been able to use western medical interventions to save many lives.  He has also been frustrated with the system that often applies "band-aids" to illness without interventions to analyze and treat root cause of illness.

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Eastern Medicine

As a child, Dr. Chaminie Wheeler grew up under the care Ayurvedic Medical doctors. This eastern medical system known as Ayurveda is based on ancient writings that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health that has much benefits but also has its shortcomings.  Being trained as a pediatrician in western medicine, she too has witnessed much short-comings where the holistic needs of a child often is watered down to a quick-fix prescriptions.

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 Holistic Approach

Therefore, we are so excited to have our own Direct Primary Care clinic where we can incorporate the best of both worlds to establish an individualized action plan to promote wellness in each patient.  Because of this membership model, we are free to partner with our patients, to meet with them as often as needed without time and treatment constraints dictated by insurance to provide the best care possible.  We have broken free from the system! Is breaking free from the system the right choice for you?

We believe that the best medicine has to offer our patients is a blend of Western and Eastern Medicine.
We know that Western Medicine excels at acute care of illness that is often pharmaceutical based.  Our medicines are great at what they do but we can not ignore the side effects that they too cause.  

We also know that Eastern Medicine is amazing at using our resources in nature to prevent illness as well as be used for treatment.  We understand that we are what we eat... food is medicine.  

Therefore, we are eager to serve our patients with this
holistic approach... the best of both worlds, blending Western and Eastern Medicine, to promote wellness in society.

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Services Included


Because we value an holistic approach, your annual physicals will include in-depth analysis using a blend of western and eastern medicine (see member pricing for more details).

We will be available for
extended appointments based on your individual need and not dictated by insurance.

You will have
24/7 availability to your doctor by phone, text or in-person depending on your situation.

When you get sick, we will be available to see you that
same day or the next day instead of being referred to the ER or not be seen for days.

We will have an
In-House Dispensary where you can purchase medications at cost with NO markup at all.

You will have access to
wholesale labs and imaging with transparent pricing.  You will know the price before the service.

We will have
monthly informational lectures and wellness emails.

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More Services Included


Work, Sport and school physicals as needed

Impact Testing as needed

Point of Care
Ultrasound as needed

EKGs as needed

Peak Flows and Incentive Spirometry as needed

Pulse Oximetry and Nebulizer Treatments as needed

Laceration Repairs as needed

Joint Aspirations as needed

Nose Bleed Cauterization as needed

Ear irrigation and foreign body removals as needed


Using our wide scope of practice including pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric hospital medicine as well as emergency medicine, we will use our knowlege and skill to bring about your healing grounded in the physician-patient covenant of TRUST!

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