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Outdoor Joe's® & Zanfel: a better way to protect against, and recover from, poison ivy!

Outdoor Joe's®: Protection Before Contact


While everyone is at risk for coming into contact with poison ivy, there are some individuals at a greater risk for exposure. Everyone should take precautions to avoid contact with this dangerous plant, especially gardeners, hikers, and others often outdoors with higher risks of exposure. When it comes to poison ivy prevention, it isn’t enough to simply watch your step. Poisonous plants easily strike by a few distracted seconds of contact. A better way to protect yourself and your loved ones is with the use of Outdoor Joe's® Poison Ivy Pro (Rhus Toxicodendron oral solution). 


With the inclusion of Outdoor Joe's® into your regimen, you will be able to still enjoy the great outdoors without the constant worry of accidentally touching poison ivy. One of the best things about Rhus Toxicodendron is that it can be used by those who already have contracted the painful rash, as well as those looking to aid in preventing it in the first place.


As a homeopathic supplement, Outdoor Joe's® will not affect other medications currently being taken, whether over-the-counter or prescription. It has been recommended by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals to help prevent allergic reactions caused by poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac with a protection rate lasting up to one full year. Since this is an oral solution free from harmful chemicals or toxins, children old enough to hold the solution in their mouth for the suggested 30 seconds before swallowing can take this homeopathic solution, making it great for the entire family! Most individuals achieve complete immunity while others experience less severe reactions when exposed to poisonous plants. 


Aside from the obvious benefits of using Outdoor Joe's® to make poison ivy season more bearable, it is easy to administer with a few simple guidelines. When the dormant phase of poison ivy growth occurs in the winter, take the recommended dosage, hold in your mouth 30 seconds prior to swallowing and repeat the dosage on the same day of the week for three consecutive weeks. With the first three doses administered properly, levels of immunity have already been established!


During the summer, administer the dosage once a month to continue building immunity. 

For a simple addition to your supplement routine in exchange for a year free from the painful rash associated with common poisonous plants, Rhus Toxicodendron is an obvious choice for the health of your family!


Want to get rid of the rash and get relief? Get Zanfel!


Better Safe Than Sorry, Why Not Get Both? Get The Bundle Here!

Zanfel: Safe Recovery After Contact


What is Zanfel?

Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash® is a safe and effective topical solution for the reaction caused by exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac. Zanfel is a specially formulated wash that is clinically shown to remove urushiol, the toxin found in poison ivy, oak and sumac, from the skin and relieve itching ANYTIME after an outbreak.


How Does Zanfel Work?

Zanfel effectively removes urushiol. While regular products temporarily reduce itching but do nothing to remove urushiol, Zanfel treats the problem, not just the symptoms. It works to effectively remove urushiol from your skin by binding with the toxin to create an aggregated cluster, then moves it to the surface of the skin where it can quickly and effectively be washed away with water.


Why Does Zanfel Work?

The key to stopping the itch is actually removing the poison ivy, poison sumac, or poison oak toxin from the skin. This toxin (urushiol) is the cause of the allergic reaction (contact dermatitis). Zanfel actually removes the toxin from the layer of skin so that the itching stops and the body is put into a position to immediately begin healing the rash. 


How Fast Does Zanfel Work?

You will begin to feel relief within seconds of washing with Zanfel. The healing begins as the toxin is removed so in most cases, you will feel relief in as little as 30 seconds! After completing the first treatment, you should be itch-free and 75-80% of the rash also should disappear within 24 hours. For most people, no more treatments are required.


Is Zanfel Safe?

  • Yes! Zanfel is perfect for everyone! This safe formulation can be safely used by children, pregnant and nursing women. No matter your age, Zanfel provides the healing relief you need most! Zanfel is safe to use on any external body area, including the face and genitals.
  • When is the Best Time to Use Zanfel?
  • Zanfel can and should be used ANYTIME after the rash appears. 
  • What Side Effects Should I Expect from Zanfel?
  • Zanfel has been clinically tested. There are no known side effects to using Zanfel.


What Else Should I Know About Using Zanfel?

  • Zanfel is the ONLY product clinically shown to remove the toxin urushiol ANYTIME after the outbreak. 

  • Zanfel is very instruction specific. Be sure to read and follow ALL steps in the instructions.

  • For most mild to moderate cases, ONE application of Zanfel is all that is needed.

  • If the itch returns, rewash with Zanfel as per the directions. If the itch is gone, there is no need to reapply.


Know Your Poisonous Plants

Poison Ivy, the most common of the three plants, is characterized by three pointed leaflets. These leaves assume bright colors in the fall, turning yellow, then red. Poison ivy is found everywhere in the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, and California. It is most commonly found in the eastern and mid-western states.

Poison Ivy Bundle | Outdoor Joe's® & Zanfel

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