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Why we chose DPC Membership model for our practice?


Membership is the best way to transform the Business of Medicine based solely on the Physician-Patient Relationship


How many times have you heard that only one problem can be addressed at one visit? 

This is because insurance ties each visit to a diagnostic code handcuffing the doctor to only treat one condition.  The insurance "coverage" is literally dictating patient care. 

With DPC, there is no billing codes and all patient concerns can be addressed at any visit because the membership fee has already been paid.

For example, if a patient has uncontrolled diabetes, in the DPC model, we can communicate via text, email, phone or in-person as often as necessary to get their diabetes under control. 

In this direct relationship, the patient will not be explaining the same situation over and over to numerous staff members but would be directly communicating with their physician who knows the intricacies of their patient condition well EVERY time. 

There is no red tape that the patient must go through to ask their doctor for guidance. 

At the same time, the patient will never wonder if they are being asked to come back for several follow up visits because there is another copay each time because the membership fee has already been paid.

In addition, the doctor will not be always wondering how many patients do I need to see today, how much will insurance reimburse me, and did I cover my cost to run my clinic today? 

The membership model frees the doctor from the traditional insurance-based, business model of medicine so that they can concentrate and provide fantastic patient care, the reason that they chose to practice medicine in the first place.

DPC transforms the Business of Medicine to be directed solely by the Patient-Physician Relationship!

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