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We bring over 44 years of combined experience in both acute and critical care from neonates to geriatrics.

We have had the privilege to witness and actively lead in patient healing using modern medicine in the hospital.​

We also recognize that modern medicine falls short of root cause analysis of illness and how best to restore homeostasis to the body.

We believe that best medicine is grounded in wellness as the bedrock of medicine


We have also seen the devastating effects of long-term chronic health conditions that have been recognized but under treated.

We have seen the distance between physician and patient relationship expand as medicine has become  corporate.​

We have seen the loss of physician autonomy as diagnostic codes dictate how and when a patient can seek treatment.

We have seen how our patients have lost choice and control of their healthcare as well as their healthcare dollars.


It is because we CARE, we have chosen to break away from corporate medicine and to regain physician autonomy.

We have chosen this Direct Primary Care model where there is zero distance between a physician and the patient.

We have chosen to leave insurance behind so that diagnostic codes will not dictate our patient care.

We want to help patients break free from the system so that they have choice and control of their own healthcare.

Get to Know Us

At CCCHealth, we embody a transformative approach to healthcare through Direct Primary Care (DPC) that puts you at the center of your well-being journey. Our mission is to rekindle the sacred bond between patients and physicians, built upon a Covenant of Trust.


With CCCHealth, you're not just a medical record – you're an individual with unique needs and aspirations. Our DPC model liberates you from the complexities of traditional healthcare, offering unlimited access to personalized care, unhurried appointments, and proactive wellness. Join us in redefining healthcare as it should be – compassionate, comprehensive, and built on a foundation of trust.


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We work to restore the Patient Physician Covenant of Trust.
CCC Health is bringing relationship back into the health care system.


Break Free... Restore Trust 

Discover the path to liberation from the conventional healthcare system and reclaim the authentic bond between physicians and patients. Join our insightful meet and greet session to explore how you can forge a new connection based on trust and empowerment. Take the first step towards a revitalized healthcare experience. Restore Trust in the Physician- Patient Relationship

As a patient, 

  1. Do you have access to your doctor when you get sick?

  2. Do you feel that you are a commodity that is bought and sold?

  3. Are you frustrated that when you go to use your insurance, what you need isn’t covered but you still have to pay out of pocket for it?

  4. How much do you spend an year in healthcare (insurance premiums, copays and deductible)

  5. Is it your doctor or your insurance that dictates the care you get?


Did you know that as patients, we have the power to change healthcare because:

Every dollar in healthcare is paid to the system by patients... This means patients have the power to change healthcare.



You have to take the money OUT of the system and support healthcare that identifies with your own values that all healthcare decisions should be made within the doctor patient relationship, not what the system or insurance deems what is best for you.


  1. Break free and JOIN the DIRECT Primary Care movement

  2. Choose to have Control and Choice over your own healthcare AND your own healthcare dollars.

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CCC Health, Kutztown PA

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