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Why Choose Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care



Direct Relationship

Current Primary Care





Big Pharma


Distanced Relationship

Direct Primary Care is Changing Healthcare from Every Perspective


Patient Perspective

"Medical decisions are made based on what is best for me, not what insurance covers."

"When I really need it, 24/7 access to my physician through phone, email and texts."

"There are times when my doctor will spend extended time with me as needed on occasion."

"I appreciate getting answers from my physician who really knows and cares for my health."

"I enjoy transparent pricing and know the amount before the service, with no hidden fees."

"The in house pharmacy is great for me, medications at wholesale cost and no markup."

"The wholesale labs and radiology services when necessary saves me additional money."


Physician Perspective


"Medical decisions are decided on what is best for the patient, period."

"We deal with our patients one-on-one from both treatment and billing perspective."

"We see fewer patients and thus have necessary time to spend on our patients health."

"The business of medicine is to care for our patients first, and save them money as well."

"We absolutely must have transparency in services provided to patients and in billing."

"As physicians we get to provide fantastic quality care, the passion of our service."


Insurance Perspective

"The Patient-Insurance relationship becomes a financial relationship."

"Diagnostic codes will not be dictating your medical treatment decision process."

"Health insurance would be reserved for 'Big Ticket' items like hospitalization and surgery."

"Health insurance would be similar to car insurance, it covers accidents but not oil changes."

"DPC growth would foster free market creating transparency that would redirect insurance."



Business Perspective

"Because physicians would know their patients so well, less lab and radiology testing will be done."

"Because physicians would know their patient's response to treatment, less referrals to specialists will be made."

"Did you know that it only takes 30 seconds for a physician to prescribe a medication but 30 minutes NOT to prescribe a medication?"

"Because physicians have the needed time to educate and provide close follow up, there will be less medications prescribed."

"Because patients always have access to their doctor, over utilization of the Emergency Rooms would cease."

"Primary Care medicine would again become the FOUNDATION of healthcare where WELLNESS would be the bedrock of medicine!"

"All of this combined would translate into billions in savings of healthcare dollars to our society!"

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