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Why Choose Direct Primary Care

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Annual Physicals

Patient Perspective

"Medical decisions are made based on what is best for me, not what insurance covers."

"When I really need it, 24/7 access to my physician through phone, email and texts."

"There are times when my doctor will spend extended time with me as needed on occasion."

"I appreciate getting answers from my physician who really knows and cares for my health."

"I enjoy transparent pricing and know the amount before the service, with no hidden fees."

"The in house pharmacy is great for me, medications at wholesale cost and no markup."

"The wholesale labs and radiology services when necessary saves me additional money."

Emergency Services

Physicians Perspective

"Medical decisions are decided on what is best for the patient, period."

"We deal with our patients one-on-one from both treatment and billing perspective."

"We see fewer patients and thus have necessary time to spend on our patients health."

"The business of medicine is to care for our patients first, and save them money as well."

"We absolutely must have transparency in services provided to patients and in billing."

"As physicians we get to provide fantastic quality care, the passion of our service.”


CCC Health serving Kutztown, the Lehigh Valley, Berks County and beyond!

Insurance Perspective

"The Patient-Insurance relationship becomes a financial relationship."

"Diagnostic codes will not be dictating your medical treatment decision process."

"Health insurance would be reserved for 'Big Ticket' items like hospitalization and surgery."

"Health insurance would be similar to car insurance, it covers accidents but not oil changes."

"DPC growth would foster free market creating transparency that would redirect insurance."
"Because physicians would know their patients so well, less lab and radiology testing will be done."


Direct Primary Care Movement

Business Perspective

"Did you know that it only takes 30 seconds for a physician to prescribe a medication but 30 minutes NOT to prescribe a medication?"

"Because physicians have the needed time to educate and provide close follow up, there will be less medications prescribed."

"Because physicians would know their patient's response to treatment, less referrals to specialists will be made."

"Because patients always have access to their doctor, over utilization of the Emergency Rooms would cease."

"Primary Care medicine would again become the FOUNDATION of healthcare where WELLNESS would be the bedrock of medicine!"

"All of this combined would translate into billions in savings of healthcare dollars to our society!"


A practice not motivated by profits - but health.
Competent, Compassionate Care


Direct Primary Care

Trust you can rely on.

Benefits of DPC


You can reach me via phone, text or email, including evenings and weekends for urgent matters. Visits can be either in-person, via phone or video chat. 

Longer Appointments

The average face to face time with your PCP in a traditional internal medicine practice is 18 minutes.  That’s simply not enough time to discuss all of your health needs, provide education and answer your questions most of the time.  Switching to DPC allows me the freedom to make my own schedule.  My appointments are 30-60 minutes depending on what you need.  And I won’t be glued to my computer screen checking boxes during your visit.


You can schedule same day or next day appointments because sometimes you get sick and need to be seen ASAP.  With DPC, most of your acute needs can be handled by me, eliminating the need for costly urgent care visits. 

Cost Transparency

You pay one monthly fee which includes everything listed under Services. Some ancillary services may be provided for an additional fee which are also listed. There are no copays, hidden fees or confusing medical bills to interpret three months after your visit.  You will always know how much you owe upfront.

Discounted Labs

You won’t believe how much money I can save you on labs (and meds) as a member of CCCHealth  Most of our labs are less than $10 each.  In many cases, using your insurance is actually more expensive!

Discounted Medications

We will dispense several commonly prescribed meds at a significantly discounted rate (like less than $10 each most of the time) compared to the soaring costs at retail pharmacies. In addition, patients of CCCHealth will work to get your chronic medications directly at reduced costs.  Many patients find that the money saved on medications and labs covers the cost of their membership fee. 

Personalized Care

You will see me, your doctor, for every visit. I will know your history like my own, so you don’t have to repeat it again and again. I will work with you as an individual to improve your health and well-being. We’re not all the same and shouldn’t be treated as such. You will not be just another number…I promise.

Discounted Imaging 

At CCC Health, we prioritize affordability and accessibility in healthcare. That's why we offer discounted imaging services, ensuring that our patients can access state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures without the financial burden. We believe that quality healthcare should be within reach for everyone, and our discounted imaging options exemplify our commitment to making that belief a reality.

A more traditional approach to medicine.
Restore the Patient Physician Covenant of Trust

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

Trust and Reliability
Senior Citizens and Geriatric Care
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