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Happy Easter from CCC Health!

Dearest CCC Health Members,

We want to take a moment this beautiful morning of Resurrection Sunday to wish each of you a Happy Easter!

Because of the freedom we have in Christ, we can face tomorrow knowing that healthcare is not a right or a privilege but a need in society that must be met. Did you know that Vertical integration is the business arrangement in which a company controls different stages along the supply chain. Our healthcare system follows this model leaving patients no control and no choice of their healthcare or their healthcare dollars.

We thank you for being a part of our movement to change healthcare and trusting us with you and your families health. Because of you and many others like you who have committed to take an active part in changing healthcare, so many good things are happening.

The Direct Primary Care conference we went to in March in Orlando was energized with hope for the future of medicine where patients needs and wellness would be the central focus. This movement where physicians and patients are together fighting back is the reason for the changes in healthcare we see.

For example, the “Walgreens-backed business has shut 140 clinics already this year, and now another 20 seem set to join them, totaling about 50% of the original number of VillageMD facilities.” -KFF Health News: Walgreens Now Set To Close Nearly Half Of Its VillageMD Clinics

Another example is that the “US Department of Justice has initiated an antitrust investigation into UnitedHealth Group Inc… The probe opens a new layer of scrutiny on the largest US health insurer that operates in pharmacy benefits, medical care, technology and other services.” -Bloomberg Law: UnitedHealth Faces Antitrust Probe by US Justice Department (2)

We are so thankful to each of you for holding on to the freedom in Christ and uniting with us, choosing to face tomorrow together so that we can rebuild the Covenant of Trust in medicine.

Happy Easter to each of you from CCC Health!

Drs. Greg and Chaminie Wheeler

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