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Dear CCC Health Members,

Can’t believe it’s January 20th, 2024! Today is the 8 month anniversary of opening our medical office. We wanted to take the time to tell you a HUGE THANK YOU for choosing us, for partnering with us on your journey to wellness and for joining to Direct Primary Care Movement. Together we are going to change healthcare and Restore the Physician-Patient Covenant of TRUST.

To that endeavor, we are thrilled to have launched our YouTube Channel, CCC Health! There are 3 steps that you can do to help Restore the Physician-Patient Covenant of TRUST. 

1. Please SUBSCRIBE and check out our first video which we explain the direct primary care movement!  

2. After you watch, drop a comment below and let us know what you think... and something that you learned!  

3. Please share the link with family and friends to help us grow this movement exponentially.

This is going to be a series where we will explore different aspects of our current healthcare system and give solutions to how we can change the system. This is absolutely a “we the patients” grassroots movement and so empowering because we CAN make the change for us and our children where each individual will again have CHOICE and CONTROL of their own healthcare and their healthcare dollars.

Have a blessed day,

Drs. Greg and Chaminie Wheeler

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